Owl Eye Earrings-FREE crochet pattern

Earrings have perhaps been the most popular item I have sold. I’ve probably given away more earrings than anything else, too! But one problem I’ve encountered with many crochet earring patterns is that for any sort of interest, they usually turn out pretty large. I personally adore large earrings. But not everyone does. For a smaller look, and without basically using sewing thread, you need at the most a 1-2 round earring. What can you do, then, besides a basic circle? In comes my first written pattern!



PATTERN (make 2)

Form a magic circle/loop.

Round 1: Chain 3 (counts as first DC); DC 23 times inside circle; join at top of beginning chain 3 with a slip stitch, pulling your circle tight.

Round 2: Chain 1; Slip stitch and ch 1 in first stitch and each remaining stitch around; join with a slip stitch at base of first chain.

Finish off and attach fish hooks at the top of each earring made.

Variation: When using worsted weight yarn, you can just DC 12 into the magic loop to make a smaller earring.

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