Knob Kitchen Towel Ring


My great-grandma made tons of the little kitchen towels with a crochet top. I’ve done a few myself. But crocheting a topper onto every kitchen towel I own is ridiculous. And the crocheted towel rings that button over a handle are so clever. Except when your one and only handle is miles from the sink. You see, my kitchen has knobs on the cabinets and drawers. Like, 40 of them. I found a general pattern for knob towel rings over at Reflecting the Brightness. So smart! But I decided to start mine a little differently and then also ended up tweaking the middle part. I’m hoping to make more to give away as well as donate to our church’s craft fair. So I’m documenting my version here so that I will have a consistent pattern to follow.



Size H hook

Worsted cotton yarn



For larger ring: Chain 20; join into a ring with a slip stitch (sl st).

Chain 2. Working OVER the ring and tail, 40 dc. (Do not dc into each chain; insert your hook into the center of the ring.) Join with a sl st to top of ch2.

NOTE: At this point, you may need to slide your stitches a bit to make the ring more even.

Now to start the smaller ring: Chain 15; join with a sl st into the base of the chain (top of ch2 from previous round).

NOTE: If your knobs are larger or smaller, simply adjust the number of chains to make the loop fit. My kitchen knobs are 1.5″.

Turn; sc into each stitch around -NOT into the ring (15sc). Sl st into the closest stitch of the larger bottom ring.

Sc into each stitch around bottom ring; join with sl st to first sc of small (knob) ring.

Finish off, sewing in any remaining tails.


Be sure to check back, as I’ve only made one of these so far. I just may tweak it a bit more! Thanks for stopping by my little crochet world!