Baby Owl Eye Earrings


So maybe this whole owl theme is getting ridiculous. But I like themes, so maybe you can put up with it once more? This idea is almost not even worthy of an entire post it’s so simple. There’s that simple theme, though. Plus, perhaps there is someone who needs this quick and easy little project for a boost of encouragement. So here you go!


Size 3 crochet thread
B hook
2 cm earring hoop (from Walmart)
E6000 glue (from Walmart)


Tie a slip knot in your thread and insert hook. Pull tight. You will begin your stitches by holding the thread over the hoop and inserting your hook underneath to grab the thread for your first sc.

Now wait for it…19 sc around the hoop. That’s it! Finish off and weave in your ends. Put a dab of glue on the first and last sc to hold your work in place.

For the second hoop, be sure you begin on the opposite side of the earring. This ensures they look the same when being worn.

Now go make you something pretty to wear!


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